Monday, November 26, 2012

Serendipitous Santa

Recently, when searching for something to put outside the art school to catch folks eyes as they travel by, we came across what appeared at first glance to be an inflatable Santa Claus in a plastic bag at our local thrift store.   Not seeing anything else appropriate we purchased said "Santa in a bag".  Once back at the school and upon closer examination noticed the date on the still sealed package was 1958! We opened the bag and proceeded to follow the directions for stuffing of Santa along the lines of 1958 (newspapers, no air pump for this Santa!)  This is truly a vintage Santa Claus...

A few days after this purchase a local member came in with some donations for our upcoming art mart garage sale. In one of the boxes we uncovered two vintage Christmas decorating catalogs. One was from 1959 and the other from 1962.  Upon casually persuing them, to our complete astounishment, we found an article about the exact same Santa Claus that we had purchased not a few days prior to the art mart donation! 

So come by and meet our vintage claus, he is holding up our sign out by the street and a cheerful reminder to shop local and support local artists and YOUR art school.  He needs a name and we are open to suggestions...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Come Explore Dark Table!

Introduction to Darktable

David Vincent-Jones, Facilitator

January 5, 2013 (9am-4pm)

Fee: $25

Darktable is a fairly recent arrival on the software scene that is targeted towards advanced photographers. The software is developed under Open Source parameters and is freely available. David will offer an all-day seminar on the use of Darktable. In the first part of the day, he will introduce the software and its concepts and provide a demonstration.During the second part of the day, attendees will be provided with an installed system on a USB stick that would run on their own laptops, but without placing anything whatsoever on their hard-drives. Students then could together process a set of images. A supervised ‘hands-on’ session, if you will. At the end of the day, each attendee will keep their USB stick for further home study.

Please note: This is a unique offering at a very special price.

We think this a great opportunity, visit our website, to register!

Our very own Santa mailbox!

We recently discovered that one of our Youth Art students was the recipient of a wonderful trip from the Make a Wish Foundation when he was undergoing some treatment for a serious illness last year.  In return he is participating in the Make a Wish Foundation Santa letter writing campaign.

For every letter that Macy's Department Store receives between now and December 14th, they will donate a $1 per letter up to one million dollars to the Make a Wish Foundation!

Our student is creating a "Santa Letter Mailbox" and will bring it to the school after Thanksgiving Break. We will have it in our lobby as part of our Holiday Gift Gallery.  Let's help fill this box with either a letter written by a chid or adult. The theme is "I believe...."

According to our student's Mom...."Do you have a Macy’s near by? If so, please drop off a stamped letter to Santa before December 24th.

If not, We are collecting letters, and will turn them in to Macy’s. These don’t have to be from kids; They can be from adults as well, and don’t have to be “I want …” . They could be “I believe in kindness to all” The campaign is called “I believe”.

If you have access to groups of people who might be willing to write letters, please spread the word.
We are trying to spread the word, and get as many people to contribute as possible.
I can pick them up from you, any time before December 14th."

We think this is the perfect way to kick off the season of giving...we are open Monday-Friday, 8-4:30 p.m. (after Thanksgiving of course!) and will be open on Saturday, December 1st (The Greening of Coupeville) and Saturdays December 8th and 15th. Bring your letters by and shop at the same time!

Monday, November 5, 2012


For every $10 spent in our Holiday Gift Gallery you will receive a chance to win a great gift basket created by our wonderful staff (Karen & Lisa)!  This is your opportunity to purchase unique, locally crafted gift items, support the art school and member artists all at the same time! Not sure what to get that special art lover? A gift certificate from us can be used towards a membership, workshop, item in our gift gallery, tickets for an Art Excursion trip....

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We are honored and delighted that Joan has chosen our school to teach her final workshop in 2013!

Won't you join us for this fabulous experience!  We will host during the workshop timeframe a reception to thank this talented and gifted instructor.

Japanese, French and Chinese artists created fans, both useful and decorative, and inspired many artists, Van Gogh and Matisse among them. The fan shape or theme is a well respected one in art making; the possibilities are endless. Participants will use many textile techniques including glue transfer, beginning and advanced photocopy processes, monoprinting, wrapping and some 3-D construction. Joan will show examples in various formats and present new exercises to ‘fan’ the creative spirit. Small exhibitions will evolve from fans, motifs, quilts and collages created during the week.

Experience level – open to all those with a love of experimentation.

                                                         CLICK TO REGISTER!