Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Meet Roxanne Stout...

My art work explores the connection we have with the world of nature, how one moment can be forever remembered in our memory, and how putting together remembered moments make up the whole picture.
I would call myself a collage artist. I began as a painter as a very young child. And in college I studied biological illustration. The mysteries that nature shares have always intrigued me. 
I live at the base of the Cascade Mountains and from my home I look down on the Klamath River in Southern Oregon. Overhead is the Pacific Flyway, the ancient sky-path of thousands of migratory birds. This is my inspiration.
it was almost two years ago today that I taught at Pacific Northwest Art School for the first time.  We drove up from Southern Oregon and rode the ferry across to Whidbey Island where we rented a lovely house overlooking the water.
My workshops were a joy and as we created our hand made books the excitement was contagious. We stitched, printed, collaged, painted our hearts out all the while laughing and making new friends.
Since that time my life has changed and many exciting things have come my way. I spent the whole year working on nine chapters of a book for North Light Books called Storytelling With Collage: Techniques for Layering Color and Texture that will be released early in 2016.

I got a job teaching Mixed Media Art Journaling at Oregon Institute of  Technology where they have been expanding their art program.  I've had my art work in some wonderful shows and taught many beautiful workshops. I even have a magazine article in one of my favorite magazines "Mingle" that hits the shelves soon, on July 1!

If I could say why I love teaching Art Workshops it would be because there is nothing so wonderful as seeing my students faces light up while they create. To me art is more than just drawing and painting, it is the process of creation and it is this process that gives us so much joy.
I had an interview once by Connie Solara from Dirty Footprints Studio.... she asked me what my main purpose as an art teacher was, I said without even pausing that it was to help people find there light. I still feel that way You can hear the interview here...
http://www.dirtyfootprints-studio.com/2014/11/21-secrets-conversations-with-roxanne.htmlMacintosh HD:Users:rocky 

In my Book Of Windows workshop July 10th-13th we will be completely immersed in bookmaking and creating wonderful pages based on the theme of windows, not only what windows look out upon, but what we see when we look inside of a window from the outside.
We will use all sorts of wonderful tools and materials that I have been saving just for this workshop, not to mention my stash of beautiful vintage finds.
We will take small field trips out to the beach or into the forest and picnic overlooking Penn Cove.
I  would love to inspire and guide you during my four day workshop, A Book Of Windows. If you love mixed media art... this is the place for you to be!!