Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010...flowers blooming, the sun playing tag with the clouds makes our minds turn toward spring, rebirth, new creation...makes one want to take a workshop? You know where to reach me...360 678 3396, www.pacificnorthwestartschool.org

Just got the menu from Chef Andreas for our dinner "The Fine Art of Dining" on March 21st and it makes my mouth water just typing it....

Mache salad with marinated pumpkin and smoked duck breast
Pan seared trout topped with hazelnut butter, white asparagus and
parsley potato pearls

"Zwiebel Rost Braten" or in english Thinly pounded beef tenderloin topped with
Zweiglt onion wine sauce served over braised red cabbage and potato strudel

and finally to top it off "Topfen Palatchinken" or oven baked crepe filled with creme cheese, raisins, rum with vanilla ice cream.

Just what we need in March, a departure to another world by an inspired menu, mix in some artists talking about what inspires them, add some great wines to sample with the four courses,what more could you ask for besides world peace, the winning lottery ticket, the end of poverty?

I say you have to start small...call me for reservations, $100 per person covers the dinner, wine, tax and gratuity. Can't make the dinner? Attend the art reception and exhibition prior to dinner with a no host bar (means you are on your on).

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