Monday, June 4, 2012

Why so many photography workshops to choose from?

Have you noticed the explosion of photography workshops being offered these days? Well we have and have been talking to our faculty about it. Here is the general concensus. There are many photo jouranlists now looking to re-invent themselves as print media is on the decline and the accessibility of digital photography has opened many doors for photographers.

However a word of caution when out there shopping for a get what you pay for. Would you rather take a workshop from one of our highly acclaimed photography instructors with 30 years teaching experience coupled with our 26 years experience offering workshops or would you rather take a workshop from someone without the credentials and life experience of a total of 56 years experience?
While you ponder this we ask you then to consider the following faculty we have for you in 2012 and beyond:

Sam Abell, Arthur Meyerson, Robert Stahl, Craig Tanner, John Shaw, Bobbie Goodrich, Brenda Tharp and the list goes on....I know which workshop and which school I would choose...

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