Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help a Scholarship Student Today....

So in talking to a local Coupevillian the other day about this and that it came up to that the individual I was talking to knew one of our recent scholarship applicants.  We shared some memories about the "old days" before the Highway went in, when the over pass was built and how his wife was on the of official cutters of the ribbon to open the overpass.  However, being a young High Schooler in her formal and tiara she was more concerned that her highly laqured "Do" would be messed up by the wind than she was impressed with the significance of the event.

However, back to our scholarships and our applicants!  It seems that one of our applicants was in such a severe auto accident that by rights he should not have survived.  Only a gift of a fly fishing kit in the hospital to help him with his motor dexterity got him on the road to recovery.  This lead to his drawings of different flys to attract fish being highlighted in a local fishing club's guide to fishing and a discovery that he enjoyed art and had some talent that if nutured could grow.  What a remarkable recovery this young man has had.

We have a limited number of scholarships to award each year.  My point being, the more donations we receive for scholarships the more well deserving budding artists we can assist.  We shared just one story but there are countless others like his.  We see their applications as they come through the door. Your donations can directly impact a student.

If you would like to make the gift of an art class a reality for someone please consider donating to our scholarship funds. You can follow the link below to make a donation now.  Any amount helps. We have scholarships for Youth, Painting, Photography and Mixed Media and would love to start one for Fiber Arts.


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