Wednesday, January 7, 2015

In an effort to keep things fresh this year we thought we would re-introduce you to our blog and utilize our very talented faculty as guest bloggers...this way you can see the world through their eyes and hopefully this will awaken, inspire and motivate the artist that dwells within all of you. Our first post was penned and photographed by the very gifted photographer Keron Psillas.

A New Year! Layering of Intent to support your vision. 

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time. Full of promise, of determination, perhaps some relief. I take this time each year to support my goals for the year with the teaching and wisdom I’ve gained from the last. This past year has been all about the teacher-student relationship for me, and many of my best moments in those relationships have come about because of my association with the Pacific Northwest Art School. 


A few highlights for me at PNWAS: teaching my Photography of Intent class again on Whidbey Island, assisting Sam Abell, assisting Arthur Meyerson, and offering public talks to the community and photo clubs. Ok. Nice list. But now consider this; because of my connections and students at PNWAS, I have the pleasure of growing my mentoring clientele, I created and produced two marvelous trips to Portugal for clients and students, and I was invited to participate in a project that is the brainchild of a PNWAS alumni.  
All of this fits nicely with one of the central themes in my teaching. When we have an intent with an image (or project or goal) we need to layer our intent to reveal a fuller expression of the original goal/concept. My concept? Expand my career in teaching and broaden my outreach. By layering the teaching with public speaking and mentoring, more students were reached and clients were gained. And this was layered with continued magazine work and another book published to continue to grow my stature as a photographer.  Because of all these layers, I was invited to participate in a journey to Cuba with a group of incredibly accomplished photographers.
Sounds great, right? It was, but the growing career is not the was the original goal. The reward is the joy I experience in all my endeavors. I am overjoyed when a student has an ‘aha’ moment. I am delighted when a student tells me that they’ve been inspired by some message I have passed along. I am thrilled when they create their own successes. My intent is to assist them in fully realizing their own creative potential. By layering on all the teaching that I have had the benefit of, along with my own observations, methods, and philosophy, I am putting my intent into action. 
I hope you will think about layering your intent in your next project or to reach your personal goals. And I hope, too, that you’ll take advantage of the spectacular resource that PNWAS has become. I am so proud to be part of the community...I hope to meet you there soon! And I hope you’ll return to this blog often. I’m looking forward to being a guest here again and talking about integration.
Here are a few images from my recent trip to Cuba. My intent was to create one meaningful image during my time there. I was keen to create images of the ‘everyday’, quiet images of quiet moments, each meaningful in their particular way. You can see all the images in my book: Four Days In Havana. Here’s the link  

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