Thursday, February 26, 2015

Playing with Dye!

I always love to come to Whidbey and teach at what I still think of as the Coupeville Arts Center!! That's a sign of how far back I go with the school and the wonderful people who organize and manage the classes. We always have a great time, and the students are exceptional. Many of them become my friends, which is a double bonus of teaching. Later this spring I'll be teaching a class focused completely on using MX fiber reactive dyes. The dyes are versatile - you can print with them, fold up fabric and put it in a bucket of dye to create patterning, pour dye over the cloth - stencil and stamp. The possibilities are endless and the effects can be random or very controlled - depending on what "look" you're after. One of my recent interests with the dyes is using as little water as possible, in an effort to share environmentally sound practices with my classes. So we'll talk about that, too. I expect students will complete several yards of fabric (and/or scarves) by the end of the week - and will then have a stash to use for quilting, clothing or home dec - I never know where the fabric will go once the workshop ends, but I DO know we'll have a gorgeous rainbow colored stack of cloth completed, and I can hardly wait. If you aren't signed up yet, come and join me. You'll LOVE it!

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  1. And I should add - beginners will enjoy this as much as someone with dye experience!