Thursday, November 1, 2012


We are honored and delighted that Joan has chosen our school to teach her final workshop in 2013!

Won't you join us for this fabulous experience!  We will host during the workshop timeframe a reception to thank this talented and gifted instructor.

Japanese, French and Chinese artists created fans, both useful and decorative, and inspired many artists, Van Gogh and Matisse among them. The fan shape or theme is a well respected one in art making; the possibilities are endless. Participants will use many textile techniques including glue transfer, beginning and advanced photocopy processes, monoprinting, wrapping and some 3-D construction. Joan will show examples in various formats and present new exercises to ‘fan’ the creative spirit. Small exhibitions will evolve from fans, motifs, quilts and collages created during the week.

Experience level – open to all those with a love of experimentation.

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