Monday, November 26, 2012

Serendipitous Santa

Recently, when searching for something to put outside the art school to catch folks eyes as they travel by, we came across what appeared at first glance to be an inflatable Santa Claus in a plastic bag at our local thrift store.   Not seeing anything else appropriate we purchased said "Santa in a bag".  Once back at the school and upon closer examination noticed the date on the still sealed package was 1958! We opened the bag and proceeded to follow the directions for stuffing of Santa along the lines of 1958 (newspapers, no air pump for this Santa!)  This is truly a vintage Santa Claus...

A few days after this purchase a local member came in with some donations for our upcoming art mart garage sale. In one of the boxes we uncovered two vintage Christmas decorating catalogs. One was from 1959 and the other from 1962.  Upon casually persuing them, to our complete astounishment, we found an article about the exact same Santa Claus that we had purchased not a few days prior to the art mart donation! 

So come by and meet our vintage claus, he is holding up our sign out by the street and a cheerful reminder to shop local and support local artists and YOUR art school.  He needs a name and we are open to suggestions...

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