Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Do You Define a Member?

"A distinct part of a whole" is the definition of member. However, to us here at the art school,a member is so much more!  You are the spark, the flame, the inspiration, the passionate artist, the great apprecaitor of art who keeps our flame burning. We could not exist without you...truly! 

Only 70% of our costs are covered by tuitions. The remainder comes from memberships and fundraising efforts.  So even if you only attend our lectures and presentations, or if you take a workshop or two a year, we VALUE your membership as it sustains and nourishes us.  As we enter the time of harvest, we are asking you to consider membership as way to show your support for YOUR art school.

                                           students participating in Mitch Albala's Plein Air Demo

Come visit us at 15 N W Birch Street. See our gallery, visit our classrooms, see where the kinetic sculpture will soon be installed.  Meet our friendly staff.  We are "your" art school and we value "you"

Visit this link to our website to sign up today!

Become a Member Today!

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