Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet our "Contemporary Archaelogist"

"My sources of inspiration and creative energy come from the artifacts and sculpture of ancient and primitive cultures, particularly Northwest Coast civilizations" says instructor and artist Jerry Pike.  Jerry will be leading a workshop, Mask Making, November 3rd and November 10th.  Tuition $255, materials fee of $150

Jerry is fresh back from Burning Man and full of inspiration and creativity energy that he is looking forward to sharing with you!

Mask making has been used for centuries as a way to convey history and has roots in many cultures.  The use of masks dates back to man’s earliest history (20,000BC).  The portrait aspect of making a mask draws one in and humanizes the viewing experience.  Mask making holds the potential for exploring inner imagery and creative resources which we cannot access in an ordinary way. In this two day workshop you will learn the fundamentals of mask making through frequent demonstrations, individual instructions, and “hands-on” practice.  Participants will experience what it is like to see form emerge underneath their fingertips (short fingernails work best in clay).  Once the character of the mask is revealed participants will decorate them choosing from a wide variety of found materials.  The supply fee includes materials, Raku firing of masks, and use of tools during the workshop.

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