Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It Was a Success, Thank YOU!

How could we not have held a successful fundraiser with our  "Harvest Happening" being held on the night of the actual Harvest Full Moon?  Good wine, good food and but even better than that was the good friends that came together, some in costumes and masks and some without, to celebrate YOUR art school.  From the unveiling of the kinetic sculpture to the live world music provided by Hejira Nation and the caricatures created by Milt Priggee coupled with  the dulcet tones of auctioneer Dale Sherman, it was a magicial and wonderful night exceeding our expectations.  Thank you to all the restaurants that created fabulous "bites"(bayleaf, Captain Whidbey, Christopher's, Ciao, Coupeville Coffee House and Bistro, Ebey Bowl, Frasers Gourmet Hideaway, and Front Street Grill). Thank you to the patrons, donors of fabulous items, the hard working volunteers(Deb & Peter Francis, Christy & Steve Marx, Frank Swiderski, Steve Atkins and Steven Sloan), Milt Prigee (cartoonist), Dale & Liz Sherman (auctioneers), Hejria Nation (band), Board Members (Nancy Baggott, Margaret Livermore, Linnane Armstrong, Sue Symons, John Pendleton, Dottie Sanders, Art & Emily Lubin), to Carol Moliter and Big Rock Designs for creating our great tickets and poster and artists Jonathan and Jandellwyn Ward.

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